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Always have an adult present to supervise riders. Do not use the units as a babysitter for children.
Never jump or play on a partially inflated unit.
Do not allow riders to play or climb on outside walls, sides, or roof of unit. Do not hang or pull on the netting or columns.
Always follow number of riders listed on unit or contract, according to age group.
Riders must remove shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, and sharp objects before entering.
NEVER UNPLUG UNIT WHILE RIDERS ARE INSIDE. Do not repeatedly unplug the blower as it will burn out.
Do not put water or hose on non-water units. Towel dry the unit if it gets wet.
In case of rain or high winds, remove riders and unplug the blower from power.
Do not allow flips, wrestling, roughhousing, or horseplay on unit.
Follow all rules posted on unit and blower.
Keep stakes covered at all times.
Unplug unit when finished jumping for long periods of time.
Never leave a water unit unattended. Drain the water when not in use.
Absolutely NO food, drinks, animals, or objects in the unit.



Always use common sense! Do not allow the rental units to be overloaded. Follow the manufacturer's rules posted on the label on the inflatable unit. If you have ANY questions or concerns STOP using the unit and contact our store at 508-759-2255.

1. Adult Supervision is required at ALL times, including before and after the event.

2. Ride operators should review the rules and equipment before allowing any riders on the unit.

3. Any inflatable unit operated with generators must be monitored closely by a separate person that is in charge of generator operation and fuel usage.



Dual Slip 'n' Slide: 2 Riders at a time. Do not allow new riders to enter the slide before the current ride is complete and they have exited the slide.

Adventure Obstacle Course: 2 to 3 operators are necessary to monitor this unit: One at each end, and one in the middle. Only 2 riders are allowed at a time - one in each lane. Do not allow new riders to enter until the past riders have exited.

Dunk Tank: 1 rider at a time. NEVER leave the dunk tank unattended!

Giant Slide: 1 rider at a time allowed. Do not allow riders to sit at the top for extended periods, or allow multiple riders to gather at the top of the slide. Do not leave the slide unattended.

Moonwalks / Bouncers: Adult supervision required at all times. Compatible age groups should bounce on equipment at same time - do not mix age groups as this poses a safety hazard to the bouncers.
Recommended age guidelines:

Number of Riders:
Under 5 yrs
6 to 9 years
10 to 12 years
12 and older

Cancellation Policy
You have 7 days PRIOR to (but not including) your rental date to cancel your reservation and be fully refunded (except for weekend tent tentals). Once you are within 7 days of your rental date and cancel, your deposit becomes non-refundable. For example, if your rental is on Saturday, you can cancel up until 2pm the Saturday before, and your deposit will be refunded.
Any orders that are altered within 7 days of your rental date may be subject to a change of order fee up to $100.
Weekend Tent rentals are paid in full in advance and are non-refundable within 2 weeks of your rental date.

Rain Policy
You may cancel your rental at any time on the day of your reservation PRIOR to receiving equipment at YOUR option due to inclement weather.
Once you receive and accept the equipment, there will be no refund due to inclement weather.

Chargeback Fee Policy
Any refunds on credit cards will be minus an administrator fee of 5%.

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