Safety Rules & Tips

Renting a Bounce House, Water Slide, or Obstacle Course is FUN!

But these inflatables are NOT toys, and therefore they must be handled, operated, and used accordingly.  Our team at ABB Moonwalk Rentals does our best by cleaning, inspecting, and maintaining our equipment to make sure your event is safe and fun.  However when you rent a unit, you and your guests must also follow the safety rules and regulations of the unit to prevent injury to your guests, as well as costly repairs.
We provide you with safety information when we deliver your unit (or when you pick up). If your particular rental has more specific instructions you will be provided with those, too, upon delivery.
Be Safe & Have Fun!

Prepare for your Delivery!

  • We will deliver your rental anytime between 7am and noon of your rental date (unless other arrangements have been made with us or a guaranteed delivery has been purchased.)
  • Our Delivery Teams are on a strict schedule so we ask for your cooperation so we can make all our deliveries on time!
  • Please clear your yard/space of all debris where your bounce house, obstacle course, or water slide will be set-up  – this includes sticks, rocks, and animal feces.
  • Make sure your sprinkler systems have been shut off during the entire time you have a rental.  We may charge a cleanup fee if your sprinkler system is left on.
  • Do not worry if it rains during your rental period, the rain will not damage our equipment, so there is no need to take extra precautions. We will be prepared for wet equipment when we pickup.
  • If you have rented a water slide, slip n slide, or dunk tank, please have a hose ready that will reach your area of set-up. We just attach your hose to our unit and you’re ready to go!
  • All inflatables require a 20amp circuit for each blower, and the unit will need to be placed no more than 100ft from an outlet/outlets. We provide a 100ft extension cord for each blower – no other extension cords may be used, since using other cords may not work efficiently. Please unplug the unit overnight.

***If you encounter any problems with your equipment, unplug the unit and call our office immediately at 508-759-2255!
We are on call until 5pm each day.  Please leave a message or send us an email if we do not answer your call – we monitor both after hours! **Please do not message us on Facebook if you are having a problem as we do not get those messages in a timely manner!**

 Safety Rules for Bounce Houses and Combo Bouncers

  •  Adult Supervision is required at all times!
  • During periods of High wind and Rain, please unplug the unit for everyone’s safety.
  • No Candy or Food in the bouncer or obstacle course.
  • Absolutely NO Silly String allowed, it stains the vinyl! You will be charged for damage to the equipment for stains from silly string.
  • No Flipping or Forced Contact with others.
  • Riders must remove eyeglasses, shoes, and other sharp objects before entering.
  • No climbing or hanging on the netting, outside walls, inside walls or basketball hoops.
  • Remain 3 Feet away from entrance and other occupants.
  • Do not allow riders to hang or pull on the netting…this is unsafe and can cause damage.
  • Do not allow riders to pile up at the top of the slide, Combo Bouncers, Giant Slide, and Water Slides can only safely support one rider at a time on the slide.
  • Never leave children unattended.
  • Do not use the bounce house in the rain or when wet. You may towel dry off any water from rain or accidental spills for a quick dry.
  • NEVER attach a hose to a slide unless you have specifically rented a Water Slide – this is very dangerous! You will also incur extra charges from us for cleanup. 
  • Never jump or play on a partially inflated unit.
  • Age groups must not be mixed. Please allow only the maximum number of riders in the unit:

5 years and under: 9 Children at a time
Age 6-9 years: 7 Children at a time
Age 10-12 years: 6 Children at a time
Age 12-15 years: 5 at a time
15+ and Adults: 4 at a time

**Please remember, Fewer riders makes jumping more enjoyable and safer.

Safety Rules – Obstacle Courses

  • Two or Three operators are necessary to monitor this unit: One at each end, and one in the middle.
  • Only 2 or 3 riders are allowed on the obstacle course at a time – one in each lane.
  • Do not allow new riders to enter until the past riders have exited!

Safety Rules – Water Units

Never ever leave a Water Unit unattended!

  • You must provide a hose for any water units.
  • Drain the water from any Water SlideSlip n Slide, or Dunk Tank when not in use.
  • Water Slides are one rider at a time. Do not allow children to try to climb up the Water Slide, please only use the stairs to climb up. Do not allow children to pile up at the top of the slide.
  • Drain all water from all equipment after use. Dunk Tanks have a plug in the back where the water empties out.
  • Never ever leave the Dunk Tank filled overnight.

Safety Rules – Generator Rentals

Any inflatable unit operated with generators must be monitored closely by a separate person that is in charge of generator operation and fuel usage.

Safety Rules – Dunk Tank Rentals

  • Always have an adult operator on duty when in use.
  • Weight limit for the Dunk Tanks is 250lbs.
  • Do not allow non-swimmers, or anyone under 5ft tall on a Dunk Tank.
  • Never stand on a Dunk Tank seat.
  • Make sure you fully drain the dunk tank when you’re finished using it. Dunk Tank must be empty when we return to pick it up.
  • Never ever leave the dunk tank filled overnight!

General Safety Precautions

  • Inflatables deflate very quickly when power is removed. Please use caution when deflating the unit.
  • If the unit deflates, help the riders get out of the unit fast! Never leave the children unattended.
  • Most units have a safety escape window, located on the ceiling in the jumping areas.
  • Please note: Air escaping from the seams (perhaps hearing a ‘hissing’ noise) is completely normal!  Air needs to escape or the unit will ‘pop’ like a balloon!

Power Tips

  • The inflatable units must always be plugged into its own outlet with nothing else running off that circuit. Do not share the circuit with any other item that could overload and blow a fuse, or trip the circuit breaker, resulting in rapid deflation of the unit.
  • Make sure extension cords are out of the way so people do not trip over them and cause the unit to unplug. Be aware that younger children can unplug the unit if not supervised.
  • If your unit is deflating, check the blower and cord. Our extension cords will be lit at each end if there is power to them.
  • If the blower is not working and the cord is not lit, then please check the fuse and power source, as you may need to re-set the breaker.
  • **Be aware of where your unit is getting its power from. Sometimes simple things like flipping a light switch can trip the breaker, as well as turning on an AC unit, or opening a garage door.

We are fully licensed with Massachusetts Department of Public Safety, and we are FULLY INSURED – a Certificate of Insurance is available upon request.

Used them for years, the kids love it… great prices and always great service.